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A culinary proposal focused on seasonal ingredients & special care in customers´s service


Idiazabal cheese fritters

A classic of Lakasa

Portion: 11.80€ Half portion: 6.80 €

Cured cow meat

from El Capricho restaurant

Portion: 18.80€ Half portion: 10.00 €

Cold meat of veal tripe and cheeks

Thin slices of a tasty cold meat made in Lakasa

Portion: 11.00€ Half portion: 6.00 €

stir-fried seasonal vegetables

with cashew cream

Portion: 18.60€ Half portion: 11.00 €

Cold bonito cream thicken with mayonoise

Una visión renovada de un marmitako frío

Portion: 17.80€ Half portion: 9.80 €

Bouchor mussels with "Café de París" sauce


Portion: 19.50€ Half portion: 10.50 €

Bouchot mussels with garlic, herbs & white wine

Portion: 17.80€ Half portion: 9.50 €

Baby beans stew

With roasted quail

Portion: 18.50€ Half portion: 10.00 €

Main Dishes

Roasted grouper

with mojo sauce

Portion: 31.80€ Half portion: 16.50 €

Red mullet

With saute of vegetables & parmentier puree

Portion: 28.80€ Half portion: 15.00 €

Grilled ribeye steak

With roasted vegetables and fried potatoes

Fried veal sweetbreads

With cabbage & gravy

Portion: 23.50€ Half portion: 14.50 €

Ox meatballs

in carbonara style

Portion: 31.00€ Half portion: 16.00 €

Roasted wild duck with red curry sauce

and pear jam

Portion: 32.00€ Half portion: 16.00 €

Wild england grouse with green tomato cream

and vermouth sauce

Portion: 24.50€

Wild pigeon

Cooked with wine, mushrooms, onions & cream fraiche

Portion: 25.50€ Half portion: 13.00 €

Special Dishes

Sauteed Wild mushrooms

with egg yolk

Portion: 26.50€ Half portion: 14.00 €

Galician wild cockle

Cooked on the grill

Portion: 21.00€ Half portion: 13.00 €

Fresh baby squid

With poached onions

Portion: 10.80€

Beef Wellington

Monday, all day & friday, lunch only

Portion: 26.00€ Half portion: 14.50 €

Steak tartar

Monday, all day & friday, lunch only

Portion: 26.50€ Half portion: 14.50 €


Cheese selections

Portion: 18.70€ Half portion: 10.00 €

Ingot of custard ice cream

with wasabi chantilly

Portion: 9.50€

Chocolate mouse with salt & olive oil

With spiced bread

Portion: 9.80€ Half portion: 5.50 €

Lemon pie

With meringue & crumble

Portion: 8.00€ Half portion: 5.00 €

Cheese cake

De las mejores que hemos probado.

Portion: 7.80€

Cream caramel millefeuille

With passion fruit

Portion: 8.80€ Half portion: 5.00 €

Homemade sorbets & ice creams

Cooked in Pacojet

Portion: 6.50€ Half portion: 4.00 €

Creme caramel

Made it with sheep milk

Portion: 7.50€
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